1966 - 2016, 50th Anniversary

La nostra MISSION


L.M. GIANETTI operates on an area of 14000 square metres completely air conditioned, equipped with over 30 work centres, a 2000 square metre metrology lab at controlled temperature, an engineering department able to satisfy any customer need, a special project department, racing vehicles and a team of mechanics of proven experience for service on track.
From the production of prototype components for motorsport up to the design and manufacturing of complex vehicles, we serve the most important teams and most renowned firms of the automotive sector, representing an international reference point for engineering and mechanics.

Our multi-disciplinary engineering team is able to follow projects from concept to the complete prototype, quickly and effectively. We also boast Fia/Csai Manufacturer License, type B/A.
Our racing team, with the collaboration of mechanics and engineers, follows the vehicles developed by us during tests and races on track.


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